The Smoothie Bible

Default CoverThe Smoothie Bible, 2nd edition by Pat Crocker is full of interesting, yet easy to make recipes for the novice or experienced “smoothie lover.” There is something for everyone. This is especially a great way to get children in the “mix,” have them choose a recipe and let them help you make it.

You will find definitions and examples of commonly used terms, such as tinctures, decoctions, infusions, herbs, fruits, and most of the recipes are for one or two servings.

This revised and expanded edition of the Smoothie Bible is broken up into easy to find sections, such as:

  • Introduction to Smoothies
  • Healthy Body Systems
  • Health Conditions
  • Healthy Foods
  • The Recipes ~Fruit Smoothies ~Vegetable Smoothies ~Healing Herb Smoothies ~Dairy Smoothies ~Dairy Altermative Smoothies ~Hot and Frozen Smoothies ~Dessert & Cocktail Smoothies
  • End notes which contains a glossary, food allergies and food combining

Why not take the 2013 Summer Smoothies challenge and see how many new Smoothies you can try to not only make, but taste from now through the end of the summer. * Let’s BOND over BOOKS definition of new is a combination (fruit, vegetable, etc.) that you have not tried before.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS is going to set a goal of 12 new smoothies, why not take the challenge with us?

Interesting Smoothie Let’s BOND over BOOKS will try first: Peach Blush (p.296).


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