The God Pocket

God Pockets 3D The God Pocket by Bruce Wilkerson is a book about random acts of kindness. One way that you can “be your brother’s keeper.”  The twist is God “chooses” the person(s) that you are to give the money to (you have no say in the matter – all you need to be is obedient).

I seem to be drawn these days to books that make me think deeper, reach deeper, leave me reflective and help me leave one more footprint on my journey than ever before. After reading The God Pocket, I started thinking what would happen if I had a God pocket?
A God Pocket is money that you would carry in a wallet, coin purse, envelope with the specific intent of helping a complete stranger out of a financial bind.

Poignant Pearl of Wisdom: “God wants to put a face on giving – and the face He has in mind is not yours or mine but His“(p.99).

**If you would like to get a SNEAK PEEK to view the video trailer of the author discussing the book and/or download the first chapter of The God Pocket, click this link and scroll down to the NEWS & VIDEOS tab.

Reprinted with permission from Multnomah Publishers, a division of RandomHouse Publishers.


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