Humble Orthodoxy

Humble OrthodoxyHumble Orthodoxy  means that “we must care deeply about truth and we must also defend and share this truth with compassion and humility,” according to the author, Joshua Harris. This book sets out to explain why it is in our best interest to adopt this way of thinking. Joshua Harris also introduces and defines the other “doxies” such as, Arrogant Heterodoxy, Arrogant Orthodoxy, and Humble Heterodoxy. It all starts with your attitude, are you willing to change your attitude?

No matter  how many times I started to read this book I just couldn’t get into it.  One major turn off was the number of ways the author took to say the same thing. Re-reading various sentences, paragraphs far too many times.  I kept ask myself:

  • a). What point was the author trying to make?
  •  b). What was the connection to the previous sentence, paragraph?
  • c). He already made this point.  There was too much crammed into the book and it would have been more impactful if he followed the “less is more” format.

Humble Orthodoxy  follows the predictable template of sharing various passages of scripture, highlighted points of interest and a study guide at the back of the book. The study guide is designed for individuals or groups, it to allow you to be an active participant with the discussion questions, to create a personal prayer routine and be accountable with an action steps.


  • “Don’t measure yourself by what you know. Measure yourself by your practice of what you know”
  • “A great deal of damage is done by those who hold the truth of Christ with the spirit of Satan.”

At the end of the day, the author asked two lingering questions:

  1. “What will we do with the knowledge of God that we have?”
  2. How do you choose to share that information with people who are seeking to develop a relationship with God – with humility or with pride?

Guess you will have to read Humble Orthodoxy holding the truth without putting people down to see if your thoughts are in line or totally opposite to the author’s opinion.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates Humble Orthodoxy as EASY & ENGAGING (less than 150 pgs.).

**If you would like to get a SNEAK PEEK to view the author’s podcast and/or download the first chapter of Humble Orthodoxy, click this link: and scroll down to the NEWS & VIDEO tab.

Disclaimer: This book was received for free from the WaterbrookMultnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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