The Best of Successories

  • best of successories

The Best of Successories: Reinforcing Core Values  is one of the best compilations of inspiring and motivational quotes, coupled with some breathtakingly awesome photographs.

There is a quote for everyone to aspire to and to be inspired by. Do you have a favorite quote? If so, is it part of your daily routine? Do you have it posted anywhere in your house, or your office? Do you use it, or have you used it to inspire anyone?

Every two weeks  on this blog we post a new Thought of the Day  on our home page (it is located on the upper right hand corner).  We strongly encourage you to check it out – we post some really great quotes!

Usually we share  our  “Poignant Pearls of Wisdom”  as part of our book review. However, with this being a review about quotes, we thought that we’d flip the script and select three poignant quotes. It is our hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

  • The ESSENCE of INITIATIVE The future doesn’t just happen. It is created…our destiny is not in the stars, but in ourselves. We may need to follow in the wake of those who have gone before. But what we do and where we go is ultimately up to us. The attitude of initiative is an on-going state of exploration that is never finished…a journey that never ends.
  • POSSIBILITIES – The rock that is an obstacle in the path of one person becomes a stepping stone in the path of another.
  • PASSION – There are many things in life that will capture your eye. But very few will capture  your heart. These are the ones to pursue. These are the ones worth keeping.

Permission granted by Successories, LLC for inclusion in this printed book review.

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