ChurchMarketing101In ChurchMarketing 101 marketing is the management of perception. Your members want your church to grow, your congregations need your church to grow – what can you do to help grow your church? What are your church’s growth opportunities?

These are probably three questions  that have been asked by many churches or congregations as they grapple with dwindling memberships, scandals, or cash flow, etc. Whatever the reason may be, ChurchMarketing 101 – Preparing your Church for Greater Growth  by Richard Reising can help answer some of the questions you may have. Marketing your church is much more than promoting things because it is about “shaping perception in the hearts and minds of your members and your target community.”

To go anywhere or do anything successful you’ve got to do more than just have a plan, you’ve got to follow the plan. The author does a very effective job of outlining steps that enable  you to incorporate these transferable basic marketing principles into a church’s growth strategy. These basic marketing principles show how simple changes can remove roadblocks to attracting potential visitors and future members. Using his marketing background he took a cross-section of churches from various denominations, different sizes, as well as from the perspective of visitors. By asking the right questions, documenting and compiling these findings enabled him to write this book.

There is not a situation about how to market your church that hasn’t been addressed in ChurchMarketing 101. This easy to follow format is as the author calls it “a revolutionary blend of corporate marketing strategy and biblical wisdom.”  Which only makes sense to include biblical inferences because after reading this book the questions is not what should you do, but rather when will you get started! Good Luck!!


  • God calls us to be many things, but being comfortable is not one of them.” (p.199).
  • We cannot pretend the small things do not affect how people see our churches.” (p.35).
  • Inspiration knows no boundaries. Challenge knows no boundaries. Challenge me to go to the next level and no matter what level I am on. I will understand the calling.” (p.144)
  • Marketing must first affect who we become before it can affect those we pursue.” (p.25).

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates this book as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs.)

Permission granted from Baker Books.

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