Peace from Broken Pieces

Peace_from_Broken_Pieces-85 When you need help the most, God sends you a lifeline! Peace from Broken PiecesHow to get through what you’re going through by Iyanla Vanzant. This appears to be her most authentic book to date and unfortunately it took the death of her daughter, Gemmia and her hitting rock bottom to realize that “what the caterpillar perceives as the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning.”

We (meaning men and women) all face painful situations,  trials,  tribulations, shortcomings, etc., but how many of us have the courage to forgive ourselves? To give ourselves permission to start over? Iyanla Vanzant’s journey was a difficult and at times a painful one to read for anyone with a sympathetic heart; yet there was hope in her words and strength on each page, coupled with perseverance woven through every chapter.

Peace for Broken Pieces  is a call to action for those who choose  to hear “their” voice. We (men and women) can all learn something worthwhile, if we are not afraid. We all deserve to be healed. However, whether you get it is just as important as Ms. Vanzant’s need to “tell her story” and have her voice heard. Her courageous story is a testament to one woman’s journey out of the darkness into the light.


  • I now realize that lives fall apart when they need to be rebuilt. Lives fall apart when the foundation upon which they are built needs to be relaid. Lives fall apart, not because God is punishing us for what we have or have not done. Lives fall apart because they need to. They need to because they weren’t the right way in the first place.” (p.1).
  • I was enslaved to the pattern rather than being empowered by the purpose.” (p.162).
  • When you are starting your life over, with a new sense of self, who you once were is going to dangle old carrots, old wounds and issues, in front of your face. When that happens, you will be tempted to revert to old feeling, old patterns of behavior. When, however, you have made up your mind that the old you is dead and buried, when you have embraced a certain level of clarity about who you are and are not, as well as who you are choosing to be, you have a different response.” (p.290).

Permission granted from HayHouseBook


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