The Social Media Why?

Default CoverThe Social Media Why?  – A Busy Professional’s Practical Guide to Using Social Media Including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouYube, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogs for Business  by Crystal Washington is written for the person who has some basic knowledge about this social media movement, but still isn’t quite sure what to do or where to start.

As the subtitle infers, the book caters to this busy and/or inquisitive person.  The Social Media Why?  is a small book packed with a lot of information, yet the format is clear, easy to read, simple to follow, understand and implement. It could easily remind you of the Cliff Notes books (literature study guides students use as a supplement to the readings) that are popular in high school and college.

Ms. Washington draws from her professional background  (she is a social media strategist) and shares many best practices along with tested “pearls” that are very helpful to both the beginner, and the intermediate social media aficionado. The Social Media Why?  demystifies and addresses many of the “fears” you may have about being online.

Each chapter focuses on a specific social media tool, while providing a good mixture of text and images. The author shares how the various social networks can be used as tools to help you with your job search, to promote your business and/or expand your “brand.” It then concludes with the  “Top Five Action Items.” These are five non-threatening actions that introduce or move you into or along to the next level.


  • Facebook: The #1 social network, conduct job searches, referrals and connections, advertise your business.
  • LinkedIn: Make business introductions, recommendations, referrals and connections, advertise your business. Targeted for the career professional, not a site for “casual socializing.”
  • Twitter: Make business connections, conduct job searches, advertise your business, positions yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Blogs: Position yourself as a subject matter expert, make personal and/or professional connections.

Much of the words of advice she shares  are common sense, but for some people who get or are seduced by the internet or those who are overwhelmed by the options, they serve as worthy reminders. They remind us to always be careful and not put your personal information out there for the entire world to see. For those who feel that they are not as tech-savvy as the next person but want to get in the game, you have to understand the landscape. It’s no longer an option if you want to get ahead because the world is not waiting for you to catch up…afterall, it’s all about “branding.”

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates THE SOCIAL MEDIA WHY? as EASY & ENGAGING  (150 pages or less)…straight-forward, light and to the point.

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