Default CoverOn Tuesday, October 22, 2013  we had an opportunity to listen in on a live video chat with the author, Malcolm Gladwell, that was hosted by Goodreads. For those who don’t know Malcolm Gladwell, he is the bestselling author of the books, The Tipping Point  (2002), Blink  (2007), Outliers  (2011) and his latest book David & Goliath  (2013).

The interview was very insightful and enlightening, giving everyone who participated a glimpse into his world.

  • For example, why he writes, what motives him and who his audience is.
  • Why he writes: To engage people in the conversation.
  • What motivates him: Diverse opinions.
  • His audience: His books focus on storytelling.
  • He believes that David & Goliath  is the best book he’s written so far.
  • Sports is a common theme throughout all or most of his books. He chose it simply because he likes sports. His favorite sport is track and field.
  • The book Moneyball  by Michael Lewis is one of his favorite books. It is a book about decisions.
  • One of the things that he has learned over the years is that “effort can substitute for talent.” This is what his book The Tipping Point  was all about.

Mr. Gladwell shared some very honest advice for up and coming writers and authors:

  • Find a subject that you like and write about it.
  • Write books you want to read.
  • Write about what makes you curious.
  • Be adventurous as possible.
  • Don’t write books for a specific audience.

What is Malcolm Gladwell reading right now?

  • Just Kids  by Patti Smith (he recommends that all women read this book).
  • The Paris Architect  by Charles LeFlore (this book is about accidental heroism).


  • “If you read a book and all you get out of it is three little things, then that’s powerful because the book impacted you.”
  • “You learn more effectively from facing and overcoming an obstacle, thus making you better prepared to win.”

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