Songs of My People

Songs of My PeopleSongs of My People, African-Americans: A Self-Portrait  by Eric Easter, D. Michael Cheers and Dudley M. Brooks is a heartwarming collection of photographs about life and living. It has been said by many that “a picture speaks a thousand words,”  and no truer statement was made evident by the photographs in this book.

The authors stated  that they wanted to “produce a book which would tell the story of the African-American experience through the unique perspective of African-Americans.”  Their careers as writers and/or photojournalists afforded to them the unique perspective to produce a book of this caliber.

From the east coast  to the west coast and many cities (large and small) in between, we are given an opportunity to glimpse into the diversity of a diverse race of people. Like  a snowflake, no two are alike; but beautifully unique. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! The use of black and white photographs forces you to wonder what each people might have been thinking about when the photographer took the picture. The emotions – the joy, the dreams deferred, the sorrow, the hope, the anticipation, the love shared can be found on the pages.


  • No one picture tells the whole story. Each photograph is a beat in the rhythm of a song yet unfinished – Songs of My People.” (p.ix)

Songs of My People shines a light on the everyday beauty of a people. It could have been any ethnicity that the authors could have chosen to showcase and we hope that they choose to do so in the future. Memories…”time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.”- Joshua Atticks.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates this book as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL  (151-300 pgs)…just the right mixture of content and pages.


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