The Way of The Traveler (revisited)

Default CoverHave you ever suffered from writer’s block?  Ever had an idea floating in your head, but you didn’t know where to start? How about just plain being stuck?  The Way of The Traveler – Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery by Joseph Dispenza helps you to organize your thoughts, so that you can write your book, magazine article, or blog post, etc., in a structured and systematic way.

Although the book was written primarily for those who want to recapture  and write the memories of their trips. Others have found it to be helpful in helping them write in general. At times, (especially in the beginning) the verbiage and the pace of the book was laborious and taxing. With that being said, The Way of the Traveler is very thought-provoking and worthwhile, if you are willing to persevere to the end.

The purpose of this book is to stimulate your creative juices, heighten your senses, and prepare you to become a more observant writer and recorder of the events on your travels. The Way of the Traveler helps you to hone your skills of perception, push you out of your comfort zone and write for the reader. Centuries and even years ago, it took days, weeks and even months to take a trip and write about it…not today. Nowadays, you can take a trip half way across the world in a matter of hours and write about it, all in the same day.


  • “If others seem indifferent to your travels, it is not because they are unconcerned about you – it is because they have not been changed by the same experiences that changed you.”
  • “Exploring the meaning of the place is the key to understanding the journey. When we have learned what the place means for us, we have discovered  The Way of the Traveler.

So what’s the lesson that the journey offers you? “What is the overriding motif of your travels?” What were you meant to learn/experience, if you believe that nothing happens by accident? What you have learned is self-discovery. “Your lessons from travel will  be your own. They may not always be profound, but they will present themselves…if you allow them.

According to The Tao, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” “Every time we leave home and go to another place, we open up the possibility of having something wonderful happen to us. When we move out of the familiar here and now, we set in motion a series of events that, taken together, bring about changes at the very root of our being“…and it is time to change.

Let’s BOND over Books  rates The Way of the TravelerMaking Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pages).

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