The Peacemaker

peacemaker2017What a difference a day makes! For that matter, how drastically your life can change in a minute. Every choice good or bad, right or wrong has consequences. The PeacemakerA Story of Stolen Opportunities and Redemption  by T.L. Criswell is a book about choices and the repercussions of those actions.

Teenage choices fueled by peer pressure, unresolved pain, violence and family secrets that tip the scale in the wrong direction and result in almost deadly consequences. Contrary to belief, this is not a story about a teenager from the “wrong side of the tracks,” but rather a story about how sometimes all the love in the world just can’t protect or save you.

The Peacemaker is a story about a teenager that transcends race and speaks to the modern-day dilemma that many young men face in rural, urban and suburban communities alike. It centers around teenagers with too much time on their hands, too much hurt, too much pain, and too much anger rolled up into a ball on a collision course with destiny. The main character, Jayson Jackson, is as complex as any man-child with one toe in adulthood and the other foot still firmly planted in the teenage world that we may hear or read about in the media.

Two childhood friends on the brink of manhood, Jayson Jackson and Michael Stephens. Both raised in stable households, who grew up like brothers but headed in two different directions. Two paths inextricably intertwined with a date with destiny neither could avoid. Sometimes talking is not enough, sometimes you have to feel the fire on your neck before you decide to move. In an instance dreams are shattered.

THOUGHT for your SOUL:

  • “Running away from your past does not change it or make it go away; it only prolongs the healing process.”
  • “If you find a path that doesn’t have any obstacles, it probably doesn’t go anywhere.”

As Jayson sat in his jail cell and relived the past two years since that terrible incident, he contemplated his future. The realization that his life was now in the hands of someone else because his poor judgement put him in the wrong place at the wrong time. The ironic twist of fate. The gun that he “stared at [on that fateful day] and wondered if it really was a peacemaker” was the reason why he had to “make peace” with whatever decision was made. In order to do this Jayson has to “be the peacemaker. [He] has to let go and forgive. It’s funny how we all seem to live our lives according to what we think God’s plan for us is, only to find out we really don’t know what his plan is.”

Let’s BOND over Books  rates The Peacemaker as EASY & ENGAGING (150 pages or less)… straight-forward. light and to the point.

Permission granted by the author.


2 thoughts on “The Peacemaker

  1. Hello again.

    I was on the road when I read this review and I just wanted to really thank you again. This book was created from my heart as a cry out for our youth. It actually is a fictional account of real life issues and I’m so happy that you took that away from the book.

    I absolutely love this review as I’ve actually read it about 20 x. I questioned myself?? Did I really write that?? Thank you so much and I will spread the word:-)

    Tiffany Criswell “Young Adult Author of T.L. Criswell The Peacemaker”



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