The God Pocket (revisited)

God Pockets 3DAre random acts of kindness really random? Bruce Wilkinson explores this concept in his book, The God Pocket He owns it. You carry it. Suddenly, everything changes. Mr. Wilkinson along with co-writer, David Kopp discusses the notion of being “your brother’s keeper” from a monetary standpoint. It is not the person at the red light holding a sign that says “homeless” or “will work for food” that is seen quite often, but rather “you are lead to the person He wants to bless” someone in a financial bind that “He wants you to deliver His funds to.”

So what is a God Pocket? It is a monetary tool where God “directs” you to use to meet the “urgent” needs of others. It is money that you set aside in a wallet, coin purse, envelope, etc., with the specific intent of helping a complete stranger out of a financial bind. The God Pocket is a book about “focused giving.” Focused giving where God has chosen you to be His intermediary. It is a personal way that is “just something to remind you that God knows [that person’s] situation and wants you and the receiver to be encouraged.

This concept asks you to trust in the Lord and believe “that all obstacles [about giving to strangers] have been removed beforehand. The decisions, preparation, and commitment that are required in order for us to act successfully have already been taken care of.” The money is not to be co-mingled with your money. You have designated these funds for this cause. This money no longer belongs to you.”


  • “We believe we were put here by divine choice, and we have to make a difference.”
  • “Walking by faith doesn’t require that we always walk blind.”
  • “When we only give indirectly and on a schedule we’re not prepared to partner personally with God to meet urgent needs in the moment. We lose eye contact with the person standing right next to us.”

The key is to believe that the seeds you sow today with these seemingly random acts of kindness. These seeds will be multiplied in ways that benefit not only you, but the ripple effects have the potential to impact your loved ones with unexpected good fortune…It all starts with you and a leap of faith!

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates THE GOD POCKET as EASY & ENGAGING (150 pages or less)…straight-forward, light and to the point.

Permission granted from WaterbrookMultnomah Publishing.

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