and the WINNER is…

Back to the BooksThe WINNER of our 7thBACK to the BOOKS” award is 48 LAWS OF POWER  by Robert Greene.

Have you  ever felt like the people in power are playing by a different set of rules?  They may not be, they just know what the rules are. 48 LAWS of POWER makes you aware and creates a more level playing field.

NOMINATE your FAVORITE BOOK for our weekly “BACK to the BOOKS” Award.

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Can't I'm BookedCUDDLE ALERTcuddle up with a new book.  We suggest PREPARED for a PURPOSE by Antoinette Tuff with Alex Tresniowski.

As 870 children waited in fear, their elementary school rushed into lockdown mode. As the nation faced yet another Sandy Hook story of tragedy. One woman rewrote the ending. Yet the story doesn’t start with those first steps Michael Hill took into that Atlanta elementary school. It started with Antoinette Tuff.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? We invite you to share your comments…Let’s start a conversation.


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