I Like Giving

I Like GivingWHEN YOU OPENYOUR HANDS TO GIVE you also open your hands to receive,” or so the saying goes. I LIKE GIVING: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life, Practical Ideas, Inspiring Stories  by Brad Formsma shares personal testimonies of people who have been the recipient of unexpected acts of kindness.

SOME PEOPLE NEVER SERIOUSLY THINK about giving, helping or extending a helping hand to others until they been on the receiving end of such acts of kindness. Such was the case with author, Brad Formsma. He shared his personal story about spiritually going through the motions of helping others and made the decision to change his attitude about giving. He said that he had  “grown up in the church, but our faith had never really been a big part of our lives.”

THIS EXERCISE IN FUTILITY allowed him to “feel good” because he had donated money to some cause. It was his way to check the box, as so many have done. This allowed him to felt like he had done the bare minimum and still accomplished his “Christian” obligation. He also admitted that “although he believed in doing things to help others, the reality was often motivated by selfish ambition. [He] enjoyed being successful in business and was hungry for more money, position and prestige.”

WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION? How many of us only give because someone asked us to or because we felt obligated? The author had an epiphany after a series of financial setbacks brought him to his knees. He finally understood the power of giving and the reciprocal positive benefits it had on his life only after he had gone through financial challenges. Sometimes “when we are in need, the hardest thing to do is to have those needs met by someone else.”

ON THE SURFACE it would appear that it is easier to give when you make a lot of money, all your bills are paid, and life is good. But it’s your belief, your intention, your motivation and your attitude toward giving that determines the how, what, when, why and where you extend your level of generosity. Many people state that the best time to give to others is when you are in need yourself.

I LIKE GIVING follows a template similar to many other “giving or generosity based” books. There are no revolutionary ideas here, but if you haven’t thought of an idea and want to make a difference the suggestions are a good place to start. Think of this book as a reminder that we live in a world where people are hurting, suffering, starving, in need of a caring touch, smile and someone to understand their struggle everyday. Remember, these stories or testimonials are from ordinary people. The same ordinary people that we drive by or walk by on the street daily. They may not say much, but their eyes speak volumes about their struggles. After all, the eyes are the windows of the soul.


  • “If you’re not experiencing happiness and satisfaction in your life, giving to others could be the one thing that turns your life around.”
  • “Keep practicing generosity, even if it’s not received as you had hoped.”
  • “You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.”

IT REALLY DOESN’T TAKE MUCH TO BE KIND, to listen, or even give someone a monetary donation. I LIKE GIVING “is about experiencing the joy of giving. We all have something to give.”  All it takes is at least a minute of your time, an opportunity to address a need, and the courage to act unselfishly expecting nothing in return.  I LIKE GIVING is not just a book about giving, the author refers to it as a movement; “a campaign for a generous world because we believe a generous world is a better world for all of us.”  Why not start today and be the change that you would like to see in your life? How would you like to be the “I” in I LIKE GIVING? To learn more about this movement click here.

To read Chapter One of I LIKE GIVING click here.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates I LIKE GIVING as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs.)…just the right mixture of content and pages.

Disclaimer: BONDing over BOOKS received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.


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