More Church Folk

Let the games begin!…MORE CHURCH FOLK by Michele Andrea Bowen continues the antics and “soap opera” drama similar to what the now senior pastor, Rev. Theophilus Simmons found himself entangled with back in Mississippi during the 1960s. You may think that this is a sequel to CHURCH FOLK but that isn’t entirely true.

Let’s fast forward to the 1980s – 1986 to be exact and the Simmons’ family (Theophilus and Essie) has expanded to include their three children, Sharon, Linda and Theophilus, Jr. (T.J.).  The “church” its structure, and culture is once again the backdrop for some of the zany dynamics and once again you will find yourself saying “I think I know someone just like that at my church.”

As plans are being made for the 1986 Triennial General Conference, Rev Theophilus Simmons and his best friend Rev. Eddie Tate flashback to the 1963 conference. They pray that there will not be a repeat of the scandal that almost derailed them. Who knew that “back then” some of the church leadership had conspired to run a brothel to “service” the preachers that were in attendance at the conference out of all places…out of a nearby funeral home

Once again MORE CHURCH FOLK  involves and exposes some of the territorial personalities within the church, such as the church announcement lady who feels that only she can do the announcements. Ms. Tommie Ann Jenkins (church announcement lady) takes her role very seriously, too seriously for most of the congregation. We are also introduced to  a new character, who mixes things up quite a bit. Field Agent/The Rev. Denzelle Flowers, who has one foot firmly planted in both the secular and religious worlds.

Ms. Bowen takes you on a scavenger hunt of sorts, where we follow the antics surrounding some of the presiding bishops of the Episcopal Districts of “historic” The Gospel United Church. With “18 districts, two Episcopal districts and 21 bishops” scattered throughout domestically and internationally – the United States, Caribbean and a few countries in Africa.  There is now an international scandal brewing that involves several of the same hustling bishops and ministers from the past.  Some of the “old players” from 23 years are still around and still playing the same games. All roads lead to the exposure of a watermelon-based herbal powder that has some very extraordinary effects on the male anatomy.

A major strength and common thread in both CHURCH FOLK and MORE CHURCH FOLK is the picture the author paints of the main male character. Both Theophilus Simmons and Denzelle Flowers are two strong men with integrity, a moral compass and an innate ability to discern between right and wrong. Ms. Bowen doesn’t disappoint as we learn more about the intriguing Denzelle Flowers and end up rooting for him by the end of the book.

Just as hilarious and insanely funny as the first book, MORE CHURCH FOLK  is a great choice for an end-of-summer entertaining read. Just encase you didn’t get an opportunity to read our book review on CHURCH FOLK or simply want to refresh your memory, click on this link: CHURCH FOLK.  Fast moving, funny and entertaining…

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates MORE CHURCH FOLK as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs.)…just the right mixture of content and pages.




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