Sacred Bond

Sacred Bond- Black men & their mothersThey wanted their sons to be prepared to function in a world that could be hostile to them, and armed them with the will to pursue and fulfill their dreams despite the obstacles.” In every culture, every day, we bear witness to a mother’s love. SACRED BOND – Black Men and Their Mothers by Keith Michael Brown is a tribute to such a love.

There is a saying that goes “Mothers raise their daughters and love their sons.” A mother’s love for her son is special. However, many mothers walk a fine line between smothercating (smothering and suffocating) their sons delaying or even stunting their ability to develop into positive, mature, responsible adults. But those who get it right show that love, when coupled with the right balance of structure and discipline provide a pathway for their sons to soar to unparalleled heights. After all, moms are the ultimate #1 cheerleader!

SACRED BOND is a compilation of interviews from “thirty-six men of all ages, from different regions of the country and from a variety of backgrounds.” Their mothers are equally diverse, not the typical example of “how news stories tend to portray one-dimensional often negative images of black mothers.” Each gentleman shares how his mother empowered him despite overt and covert obstacles to have confidence, to believe in himself and his capabilities with dignity “to perform in a society that often questions them, fears them, and views them as the embodiment of America’s worst pathologies.” There was always an expectation of excellence, whether spoken or by example, that pushed him to achieve more than the average person.

Powerfully poignant, yet deeply touching, these inspirational reflections share the common thread of sacrifice, conviction, connection, compassion and love that each mother has for her son. Their words and memories reflect the depth of love and the level of sacrifice made for them to have a good solid foundation. “Though the men speak only from their own experience, their words express the thoughts and feelings of many others who are unable to articulate what their mothers mean to them and the impact they had on their lives.”


  • There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.” – Washington Irving.
  • These stories made me feel thankful for the unconditional love that I and a lot of others have been given-a love that has carried us through, when so many of our brothers have been broken and lost.”

Every smile tells a story! and SACRED BOND is full of smiles. Although written from the African-American perspective, this beautifully written and very inspirational book transcends race. SACRED BOND reminds us that perceptions drive images and vice versa.

Simply put, it is a book about mothers and sons and what can happen when the undeniable bond of love has an opportunity to thrive. There is good and bad in every community, the African-American community being no different. Unfortunately in a myopic society where we operate in fear we will never truly be able to unite as one. However, the first step can be as simple as taking a moment to listen with an empathetic ear, see with unfiltered eyes and risk to love with an open heart.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates SACRED BOND as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs)…just the right mixture of content and pages. 


One thought on “Sacred Bond

  1. Great post!!! I am the mother of a biracial son and I want him to have a healthy outlook on life and surrounded by positive, inspiring people. I’m going to purchase this book. Thank you!


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