1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die

1000Foods to eat before i dieI MET MANY STRANGERS who, because we came together on the common ground of an interest in food, often became fast – and in many cases, lasting friends.” In many countries and cultures the best experiences have been had over a plate of food.  1,000 FOODS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE: A Food Lover’s Life List by restaurant critic and award-winning cookbook author Mimi Sheraton gives the reader a lot of food for thought.

THERE SIMPLY IS NOT enough room to pack another word in this book, but Mimi Sheraton does an admiral job.  Her book is “organized by flavor and culinary style, rather than strict geographical borders.” The internet along with increased travel has opened the door to learn more about and encourage trial of different foods from around the world. Her choices came from 70 different cuisines.  Australian, New Zealand, African, American, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Tahitian, Serbian, Cuban to name a few.

MOUTH-WATERING PHOTOGRAPHS showcase many of the dishes along with interesting facts, tidbits, recipes, world-class markets, holiday foods, and cultural feasts. An added bonus is the featured restaurant guide that accompanies each food selection. This is where Ms. Sheraton leverages her restaurant critic expertise and recommends the restaurant that makes the particular dish better than any other.

EVERYBODY HAS A “FAVORITE DISH.” What’s yours? Do you have your own list of 1,000 FOODS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE? We have chosen five dishes to try to expand our palette and possibly become favorites over time.

  1. Barramundi – A highly prized fish from Australia.
  2. Chakchouka – A scrambled egg dish made with tomatoes, green peppers, onions and eggs from Israel and North African.
  3. Uthappam – A bubbly, egg-free pancake from India.
  4. Maraqat Al-Safarjal – “A combination of tender chunks or lamb and tart and winey quince.” (Quince is a fruit that looks like a small, hard apple or pear) from Tunisia.
  5. Steak and Kidney Pie – A pie filled with tender beef chunks and bits of beef or lamb kidney. A classic  dish from England.

IN MANY INSTANCES our favorite dishes come from our childhood and in many cases they become  our comfort foods. Who hasn’t grown up in a home where recipes were clipped regularly to try out at a later date? Traditions passed on from generation to generation, kitchen table to dinner table. From the novice to the experiences connoisseur to the weekend Food Network junkie there is something to learn. This is a fun book to read by yourself or with friends.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates 1000 FOODS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE as LABORIOUSLY LENGTHY (500+ pgs) . . . way too long . . . the author should have made this into two books!!

Permission granted by Workman Publishing.


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