The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane

SecretJournalofIchabodCraneTHE ACT OF WRITING . . . it is without doubt the greatest tonic for the sanity of a man such as myself, displaced two centuries and given the dark gift of life after death.” Torn between a familiar past (1781) and a unknowing present (2013) he is bound to fight the forces of evil that have taken root in modern-day Sleepy Hollow, NY. These adventures are chronicled in THE SECRET JOURNAL OF ICHABOD CRANE by Alex Irvine.

THE SECRET JOURNAL OF ICHABOD CRANE is a recap written in an easy to read and follow format. Whether you have seen every episode or just a few after reading this book you will be caught up and can count yourself as an official “Sleepyhead.” (A Sleepyhead is a diehard Sleepy Hollow fan).

USING THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Washington Irving as a backdrop, from the very first episode on September 16, 2013 the show’s writers with their creative liberties have transformed Ichabod from a lanky, superstitious schoolmaster to a brave, confident English professor.

CENTERED AROUNDthe characters from the hit Fox TV show” we have come to know the many heroes, heroines and casualties of war that to come together to fight the Apocalypse “the ultimate victory of good over evil . . . better known as the end of the world.”

  • Good – Ichabod Crane, Lt. Abigail Mills, Jenny Mills, Capt. Irving, Katrina Crane.
  • Evil – Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane, Headless Horseman of Death, Abraham Van Brunt, a powerful demon named Moloch.
  • Casualties – Sheriff August Corbin, Police Officer Andy Brooks, Father Boland.

As the central character, Ichabod is an important link in this fictionalized, supernatural, eerie storyline. During the Revolutionary War, Ichabod worked with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and others to fight the British. He died in 1781 on the battlefield with a Hessian (better known as the Headless Horseman) and woke up in the 21st century when the Hessian was resurrected from the dead. Ichabod realized that he too was resurrected because they were  “linked by the intermingling of our blood on the battlefield.”


  • “Sleepy Hollow. The name is a corruption of the original which meant to convey that this was the hallowed place where evil sleeps, and those dedicated to the light stand watch.”
  • “Because I have doubt, I am able to choose faith. The man who chooses despair rejects both doubt and faith.

Never a dull moment in Sleep Hollow, NY. We learn that Ichabod and Abbie are both “witnesses as spoken of in the Revelation of Saint John…The book of Revelation speaks of two witnesses who will rise to the defense of humanity during the period of tribulation that heralds Judgment Day.” Henry, (Ichabod and Katrina’s son is a servant of the demon Moloch) is the king of the plot twists and turns…and you are hardly ever disappointed when he’s in a scene. However, Ichabod’s photographic memory, a memory of the past, ability to decipher clues, Freemason symbols and codes coupled with Abbie’s modern-day FBI profiling skills allow those who fight for “good” the edge most of the time.

These “two witnesses will traverse the portal between this world and Purgatory.” They believe that this is their only connection. Not so. It is discovered that Abigail is the “several times great-granddaughter of Grace Dixon [the woman] who delivered my [Ichabod’s] son [Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane] into this world.” Ichabod Crane, Abigail Mills and Sleepy Hollow  “are bound together… two witnesses, by ancient ties.” To find out what happens next or how it ends, you gotta watch the show.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates THE SECRET JOURNAL OF ICHABOD CRANE  as EASY & ENGAGING (150 pages or less) . . . straight-forward, light and to the point.

Disclaimer: BONDing over BOOKS received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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