The One Minute Manager

EDITORS CHOICE-PAID FORcanstockphoto6036875Help people reach their full potential. Catch Them Doing Something Right.” This is one of the key foundations in the immensely popular book THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER – The World’s Most Popular Management Method by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, M.D. This concept is important because in many instances “In order to look good as a manager in most organizations, you have to catch some of your people doing things wrong.”

THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER shows you another way to become the type of manager that people want to not only work for, but they are willing to go the extra mile to impress, as well. This type of manager creates a safe, yet accountable environment for their team members to learn from their mistakes and grow.

If you are one of those managers or team leaders who micro-manage to nth degree, and you have aspirations of ascending to the next level, take a deep breath and…STOP RIGHT NOW. If you have either inherited or put together a team of well-qualified individuals, but you’re still not quite sure that if your team s ready to complete assignments without you…This book is for you.

The storyline centers around a ONE MINUTE MANAGER who has discovered that the secret to successful employees is being the type of manager that is both results and people oriented. He is “someone who gets good results without taking much time.”

In order to accomplish this he utilizes three secrets, but the real secret is that he unselfishly shares information, knows that time is of the essence and empowers not manipulates his direct reports. Being honest is important because “Manipulation is getting people to do something they are either not aware of or don’t agree to.”


  • One Minute Management [is] a powerful way to get people to do what you want them to do…That is why it is so important to let each person know up front what you are doing and why.”
  • SECRET #1 – One Minute Goals. Less than 250 words. “In some organizations when you ask people what they do and then ask their boss, all too often you get two different lists.”
  • SECRET #2 – One Minute Praisings. “Put the accent on the positive. Catch people doing something right.”
  • SECRET #3 – One Minute Reprimands. Telling people what they did wrong; telling people how you feel about it; and reminding people that they are valuable and worthwhile...Never give a reprimand based on hearsay.”

Managers and leaders have a responsibility to empower their direct reports, as well as others and to help create a safe environment. A safe environment is about allowing an employee to grow without constant negative retribution, criticism and finger-pointing. “It is very important when you are managing people to remember that behavior and worth are not the same things.” Every employee brings value to the organization, it is part of your role as an effective manager to “help people to feel good about themselves is a key to getting more done.”

There are so many resources that are available to you on your professional development journey, yet we throw up roadblocks to delay or defeat our progress.  You may not aspire to be a district manager, regional manager or even a C-Level Executive, but everybody manages something and leads somebody. If you impact the performance and/or behavior of another individual then this book is one you should consider reading. It can help you become the type of manager you have always wanted to be. THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER is a great book and if it’s not in your personal development library it should be.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER  as EASY & ENGAGING (150 pages or less)…straight-forward, light and to the point.



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