DOMINION…The Ollie Chandler Collection

DominionIn a moment’s time, seemingly without warning, his grief began to transmutate, taking on a more powerful identity – rage.” In a matter of seconds one man’s world would change forever. Clarence Abernathy’s sister, Dani and five-year-old niece, Felicia, are murdered. He’s out for blood and he wants answers. This tangled web of intrigue and lies is the perfect scenario for DOMINION, a murder mystery by Randy Alcorn.

Clarence Abernathy grapples with the senseless murder of his family members. He felt that living in the city had become to dangerous, but his sister loved it there and it ultimately cost Dani her life. There is just too much crime, and the gang violence just came too close for comfort. Even though Clarence moved his family out to the suburbs, he still asks himself over and over again, “How far from the city would a person have to move to escape the realities of sin and death?”

His faith, which has always been a major stabilizing force in his life has now become an anchor which has made him question everything that he believes in. He was one of those people who didn’t have a problem believing in God when things are going well, but now his world has been rocked to its core he feels like a hypocrite…he can no longer “Trust in the Lord,” he can no longer practice what he preached, and sets out to avenge the deaths himself.

A simple case of mistaken identity lies at the core of this murder mystery, but who caused it. There are many suspects to choose from, such as high-ranking politicians, drug addicts, a cheating husband, gang members and innocent bystanders, just to name a few. In the meantime this amateur sleuth enlists the help of his friends: Ollie Chandler, local homicide detective and Jake Woods, fellow journalist at the Oregon Tribune.

With singleness of heart and laser-focused determination they set out to find the answers Clarence so desperately seeks. This obsession almost makes him lose his job and his family. At one point he is framed and arrested, but that just makes him more determined. His erratic behavior quickly imitates that of an addict…nothing else matters because he will stop at nothing to find the killer.


  • Ain’t no shame in being ignorant. Only shame is to stay ignorant when you don’t has to be.”
  • “People never know what they need until it’s given to them.”
  • “Being black in America is like wearing shoes that don’t fit. To whites, race is like a sauce. You can put on as much or as little as you want. To blacks, it’s like marinade. It permeates everything. You can’t take it or leave it. It’s always there, no matter what.”

The author, Randy Alcorn does an excellent job of weaving a secondary storyline that often toggles between Dani being in heaven and Clarence on earth and angels. Dani is able to watch from above Clarence’s lapse of faith, his emotional struggles and the slippery road of self-doubt all while grappling with her own immortality. What he doesn’t know is that his guardian angels have been protecting him all along.

Although lengthy, DOMINION is a real page turner. Mr. Alcorn has done his research and it shows. Even though the ending may be somewhat predictable the road to the end was not. Clarence finds out that “Those who spend their lives trying to find themselves never do.”

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates DOMINION as LABORIOUSLY LENGTHY (500+pages) . . . way too long. The author should have made this into two books!!

Disclaimer: BONDing over BOOKS received this book from the WaterbrookMultnomah Publishing Group program in exchange for this review.




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