MARCH “Back to the Books” WINNER is…

Lessons in LivingThe WINNER of our MARCH “BACK to the BOOKS” award is LESSONS IN LIVING by Susan L. Taylor.

THERE ARE NO MEANINGLESS EXPERIENCES.”  Only with time, wisdom, patience and experience we will eventually learn THE LESSONS IN LIVING. Many of which have been captured very eloquently in the timeless book by former Essence magazine Editor-in-Chief, Susan L. Taylor.

WHATEVER YOU MAY BE GOING THROUGH right now, personally or professionally, know that you are not alone. Ms. Taylor shares her personal story to let you know that regardless to where you are now, it is important that you get moving. “Each one of us has a finite amount of time on earth, but it’s enough time to do the work that only we can do, the work we were sent here to do.”

LIFE GIVES US OPTIONS and opportunities for second chances, for victories over life’s challenges and adversities. Sometimes our pride often makes us hypersensitive to situations, sometimes making things worse by doing or saying things that cannot be easily forgotten or undone.  The misunderstandings or arguments of today open the door to the forgiveness you give not only to yourself but to others tomorrow. A hurting person just wants to be heard/acknowledged and an angry person just wants to know if another chance is a viable option to make things right.


  • Our lives are full of separations that shake us up, force us to attend to our emotional selves and to learn new ways of being in the world.”
  • When love begins with you, you no longer demand from others the love and sustenance you should give yourself.”
  • Everything is a lesson for our growth, not for our oppression.”

SUSAN L. TAYLOR WRITES about having a spiritual foundation, “God is interwoven into almost every chapter,” loving yourself, meditation and being honest with you life and your circumstances…”Every occurrence in life has its purpose.” Tom Burrell, CEO of the Burrell Communications Group stated once, “I never focus on what I have lost, but on what I have left.”

AS WITH INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS, there are questions that should make us think and push us to act, such as:

  1. “Each day isn’t a luxury, but a necessity”… Do you know the “PURPOSE OF YOUR JOURNEY?”
  2. Being thankful and gratefulness go hand-in-hand… Are you “PRACTICING THE PRESENCE?”
  3. Put a pin in it, pause and not say a word… Are you meditating “IN THE SILENCE?”
  4. Let the sun kiss your face… Are you “LIVING IN THE MOMENT?”
  5. We all have the gift of free will… How will you “CLAIM YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE?”
  6. Each one of your relationships shows you where you have more loving and growing to do… Are you “LIVING LOVE?”
  7. Restoration and balance are so important… How important is the “RENEWAL” of your spirit?
  8. Death is a natural part of life… Are you ready for the “TRANSITION” of a loved one?
  9. When you open your hands to give, you also open you hands to receive… “WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE?”

THIS TIMELESS CLASSIC RESONATES in the deepest part of our spirit. We have all been there and it is not pretty, nice or easy to get up each morning even when know it would be much easier to pull the covers over your head and stay in the bed. It speaks about the power of prayer, the realization that “Fear made retreating seem like an easier option than confronting my pain and taking responsibility for ending it.”

THERE ARE MANY, MANY LESSONS IN LIVING that are applicable to us today and serve as references for tomorrow’s challenges. Vow today to “live in the moment…Affirm what we have…So often we miss the splendor of each moment because we are focused on what we feel we’ve lost.”  This book encourages you in ways that are gentle and soothing.

OUR LIVES ARE CHARACTERIZED by transitions and transformations, by necessary losses and unexpected gifts, by an unending series of passages.” All of these things enable us to see the beauty found in a loved ones eyes, the tenderness of a forehead kiss. the security of a warm hug or the smile that signals the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Basic CMYKLet’s BOND over BOOKS  rates  LESSONS IN LIVING as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pages)…just the right mixture of content and pages.

Used with permission from RandomHouse Publishing



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