High Heels in Tech

High Heels in TechWomen need to change their perception first in order to shape the minds of their daughters so they can claim their natural place as World Leaders.” It seems that women are constantly fighting to have their voice heard and get a seat at the table.  HIGH HEELS IN TECH by Winsome Campbell-Green continues the conversation.

Although many women may be treated as though they are transparent nobody wants to be treated as though they are invisible. Being a “Very integral part in the launch process of Broadband 4G technology,” Ms. Campbell-Green raises many interesting questions and prompts the reader to think and reflect on how oblivious they may have been about this subject.

The discrepancies are alarming and yet subtly prevalent. Ask yourself how many females do you know personally that talk about wanting to design video games? The answer is probably little to none. This “problem” won’t be solved over night nor by itself. It starts with little girls seeing and being exposed on a regular basis to women in technology. Taking the road less traveled and demystifying the notion that girls can’t do coding or aren’t good at math.


  • “Women are reshaping the field [of technology] with some incredible revolutionary practical ideas.”
  • “Technology is a field based purely on meritocracy. Once you have what it takes, the job is yours.”
  • “Women should help each other to excel…at least one person per week.”

This short e-book just skims the tip of the iceberg regarding Women in Technology. It reads more like a journal entry or a series of blog posts where the author chose to share her frustrations with the lack of diversity in the world of technology; while pleading for us to wake up and take up the torch. Winsome Campbell-Green “write[s] from the perspective of a woman who loves technology.”  We just wish that the book was longer and had a little more meat. Afterall, the choices we make dictate the life we live.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates HIGH HEELS IN TECH as EASY & ENGAGING (150 pgs or less)…straight-forward, light and to the point.

Disclaimer: BONDing over BOOKS received this book for free from the author for an unbiased review.


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