Open Your Mind to Prosperity

OpenYourMindToProsperitySOMETIMES THE GOOD WE DESIRE in life seems to come to people around us first. If we can praise and give thanks for another’s blessings, rather than be envious and jealous and critical, then we can be assured that those same blessings (or even greater ones) will come to us.” And so begins the message contained in OPEN YOUR MIND to PROSPERITY by Catherine Ponder.

PROSPERITY IS MORE THAN than just financial gain or wealth. It can be measured by the quality of the lives we lead, the character and quality of our friendships, the level of peace and tranquility in our lives, as well as watching our children grow into productive and well-rounded adults. Being prosperous can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but to have your health, the love, respect and support from a spouse, partner, parent, significant other, etc., as well as all the other things we hold near and dear can make all the difference in the world.

OPEN YOUR MIND to PROSPERITY exposes you to numerous opportunities and avenues that can lead you to prosperous ways of thinking, such as forgiveness, releasing people and/or things, harmony, peace, health, tithing, and divine restoration. But if you take the time to really reflect, leading a prosperous life equates to leading a life full of gratitude. Catherine Ponder speaks of three main actions to help you get started.

  1. You have to chose to be ready.
    1. When you are ready for a change.
    2. When you are sick and tired of your current circumstances.
  2. You have to cleanse your mind.
    1. Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
    2. You have to be open and receptive to change, as well as your old way of thinking.
    3. Remove the mental and physical clutter from your life and home . . . “For everything you gain, you lose something.” – Emerson.
  3. You have to create it.
    1. Write it! Plan what you want and with whom . . . make your vision clear.
    2. Picture it! Visualize what you want. . . create a vision board . . . imagine.
    3. Speak it! Declare what you want with clarity . . . the power of life and death is in the tongue.

Once you do that, then you will need to make a list of:

  • What you want to eliminate from your life.
  • What you want to bring into your life.
  • What you are thankful for.

HOW WILL YOU KNOW when the time is right? How do know when the time is right? You will know when you no longer have peace of mind and harmony in your daily life. OPEN YOUR MIND to PROSPERITY reminds us that prayer is how we communicate with God and affirmations are the positive ways we communicate with ourselves.


  • “It is true, God (as divine law) withholds the next development until order is first established in the present situation.”
  • “You can work miracles in your life, and in the lives of others, through your casual, uplifting, prosperous words.”
  • “If you have to force someone or something into your life that is not part of your good. What you fight to get, you must fight to keep.”

HAVE YOUR HIGHLIGHTER HANDY when reading this book because there is a little nugget of wisdom and self-discovery on every page…the key is being aware of the changes and transitions that are going on all around you and act. You may want to ask yourself in the quietness and privacy of your own mind… “Are you so wrapped up in problems of the past and/or the present that you have not taken time to plan for better things?”

“FIRST YOU MUST GET RID of a lack or limitation mindset.” Prosperity is not a casual weekend activity, if you want to prosper incorporate it into your lifestyle. Casual efforts give you casual results . . . When you open your hands to give you also open your hands to receive!!”

Let’s BOND over  BOOKS rates  OPEN YOUR MIND to PROSPERITY as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs) . . . just the right mixture of content and pages.

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