LISTEN to your LIFE (revisited)

LiatenToYourLifeTHE PATH TO extraordinary success is a daily walk.” A daily walk one step at a time to living your purpose. Many times our self-esteem and/or self-confidence have been crushed by the experiences of life that we become frustrated and disillusioned. Valorie Burton shares her strategies for living a successful purpose-filled life in LISTEN TO YOUR LIFE – Following Your Unique Path to Extraordinary Success.

IF YOU WERE TO LISTEN TO YOUR LIFE today what would hear? Would you be surprised? Would you be disappointed? Would you give yourself a “high-five” or pat yourself on the back? Or would you whisper that you’ve got more work to do? In order to move forward, “You must be willing to ask yourself the questions that will reveal who you really are and what you really want.” Many people want to lead a successful life but just don’t know how.

THIS WORKBOOK FOLLOWS follows a template designed to help you reach your goals by breaking the steps down into principles. Each principle correlates to an area that you have to work on. At the end of the chapter there are specific activities that you have to do to measure your progress, such as answering key questions, Walking your Path (a checklist of thought-provoking questions), 5-Minute Action Step (where you identify and write down 3-5 daily spiritual habits and begin your practice), 48-hr challenge and a Principle specific prayer.

  • Principle 1 ~ CONNECTION – “Getting in touch with God, Yourself, and Others.”
  • Principle 2 ~ SELF-CURIOSITY – “Exploring who You are and What You Want.”
  • Principle 3 ~ VISION – “Creating a Clear and Compelling picture of Your Ideal Life.”
  • Principle 4 ~ CREATIVITY – “Stretching Your Mind to Explore All Your Options.”
  • Principle 5 ~ EXPECTANCY – “Living in a Way that Attracts Success.”
  • Principle 6 ~ FLOW – “Adapting to the Unexpected Twists and Turns of Life.”
  • Principle 7 ~ ABUNDANCE – “Believing That Everything You Need is Available to You.”
  • Conclusion ~ “Step Forward into Your Destiny.”

SELF-REFLECTION IS NEVER an easy thing to do and we often avoid doing anything unpleasant with raw emotion. But without the work and the tears you end up putting a question mark where God has put a period. “Often a too-serious attitude is a sign that you have assigned more value to an experience than it is worth.” Her approach is simple enough to get you started, but not so overwhelming that you won’t follow through.


  • Many distractions can interfere with your ability to attract success into your life, which is why it’s crucial to set boundaries to protect your space.”
  • “Your past may prepare you for your path, but it does not determine your path.”

VALORIE BURTON IS the real deal and coupled with her experience as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach her words speak truth to power.  Today is the beginning of that journey you’ve been dreaming about. Each chapter/Principle opens with an inspirational Bible verse or quote and closes with a subject related prayer (A BOND over BOOKS favorite!!). LISTEN TO YOUR LIFE is good on sooo many levels. Remember “*It’s a new dawn. . . It’s a new day. . . It’s a new life for me. . . And I’m feeling good. . .” The only way to let success into your life is to invite it in!!

EDITORS CHOICE-PAID FORcanstockphoto6036875Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates LISTEN TO YOUR LIFE  as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs). . . just the right mixture of pages and content. 



*Taken from FEELING GOOD by Nina Simone

Permission granted from WaterbrookMultnomah, a division of RandomHouse Publishing.


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