Good is Not Enough

GoodIsNotEnough[1].300IN THE WORLD of Corporate America, the bar is higher, the race is longer, and the prize is harder to hold on to unless you learn how the game is played.” There’s a saying in the black community “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH – and Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals by Keith R. Wyche and Sonia Alleyne gives you the inside scoop so you can be prepared to have a fair shot at playing the game.

GETTING AHEAD IN CORPORATE AMERICA or basically any company where there is some level of hierarchy is never an easy feat and even more challenging if you are a woman, Black, Latino or Asian or some other societally deemed minority. The path to the proverbial corner office can be so lonely that you may feel like you are working “In a non-supportive environment or without the help of engaged mentors, minority professionals can become disheartened and frustrated.”

GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH discusses the many obstacles and hurdles that can derail career advancements for entry to mid-level professionals. Not understanding the company culture and the “unwritten rules” can easily turn you into an employee that is labeled as “unpromotable.” Once that label has been placed on an individual it is very easy to have feelings of resentment or as the author, Keith Wyche, states being “POPO,” (pissed off and passed over).


  • Never assume that just because you are doing great work, you will get noticed and rewarded.”
  • “The frustration for minority professionals is not knowing the real reasons for certain consequences not being able to properly assess or decode the information that you are receiving.”
  • “Significance demands that you take the focus off your own pursuits, accomplishments, and possessions, and identify ways in which you can leverage your success for the good of others.

IF YOU’RE A WOMAN the chapter dedicated to overcoming gender bias and gender-based stereotypes, as well as race-based stereotypes “Which in many business environments can leave them outside the power circles” is a must read for you. There are many unique challenges women face on a daily basis and the information and solutions shared are eye-opening, practical and priceless.

The two most impactful chapters are the ones entitled:

  1. “Be More Prepared Than Everyone Else,” especially if you happen to be a “UMO” aka Unique Minority of One.”
  2. “Must Have Skills Every Senior Leader Needs,” being able to not only understand but master the mechanics of an income statement and balance sheet.”

THE OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES will always be there and can occur in any organization regardless of size. The name of this game is to be prepared. GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH is a valuable resource that should be recommended reading for every college-bound senior and required reading for EVERY Black, Latino, Asian male and female regardless of occupation or station in life. Scattered throughout the pages are coaching tips, individual examples and the humility of a man who has embraced the mantra that “when we do give back, we move beyond success to significance . . . and significance leaves a legacy.”

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates  GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs) . . . just the right mixture of pages and content.

Permission granted by the author, Keith R. Wyche.

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