Soft Sell

soft_sell_270OLD SCHOOL SALESPEOPLE, those that are unwilling to adapt or change their approaches or strategies, are stuck in outdated perceptions and realities.” What do you do if you want to change, but don’t know how? So if you’re serious about making some real money SOFT SELL: The New Art of Selling  by Tim Connor exposes us to another sales technique; which just might be the answer to a nagging question “What is the one skill in selling that would guarantee your future success in sales if you master it?”

SALES COMES SO EASY to some but others struggle and just can’t seem to reach their goals. Everybody is in sales because we are always selling something . . . oftentimes it’s ourselves. “Professional selling [is] the third highest income group in our country” because all you need is an opportunity which in turn can provide you “with the potential for high personal income and rewards.” (Do bonus checks and incentive plans sound familiar?)

MOST OF US are SOFT SELLers by nature. It takes a very disciplined individual to stick with a routine and be a success. One thing we can count on is a plethora of self-help, how to be #1 sales and business books. But SOFT SELL moves to the beat of a slightly different drum.

YES, SOFT SELL BREAKS THINGS down to the least common denominator –  Attitude, product knowledge, selling skills and people skills, and explains the importance of each one. He also addresses the flip side of the coin through specific chapters dedicated to:  “Selling as an Opportunity,” ” Controlling Your Attributes,” “Prospecting,” “The Sales Interview,” “Handling Objections,” “Closing the Sale,” “Maintaining Sales Records,”  “After-Sales Service.” However, balance is the key!

METHODICAL, DIRECT, educational and succinct. Tim Connor wants you to become a true student of the game. SOFT SELL is not a one and done self-help sales resource guide. He outlines his preferred method to get the most impact out of this book. “First, read a chapter completely, then go back, reread the chapter making notes and underlining key points. Next, go back a third time, answer the questions, do the exercises and problems and then translate your notes from the general to the specific.” There is definitely a method to his madness and only you will know if it works.


  • The key to successful selling is your ability to always be in front of the most qualified prospects or clients, not just any prospects or clients.”
  • “Life involves constant change – you must change and grow daily, weekly, yearly.”
  • The attributes of the whole salesman – Attitude (50%), People Skills (25%), Selling skills (15%) and Product Knowledge (10%).”

TIM CONNOR CHALLENGES  you to open your mind to another way of achieving your professional goals. Sometimes we just need a refresher, other times we need a complete overhaul. All  people  have the potential to be good salespeople, but the number is even smaller for those who actually become extremely successful salespeople . . . it may just be in the SOFT SELL. What’s the  answer to that nagging question from the first paragraph? . . . Prospecting!

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates  SOFT SELL  as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs) . . . just the right mixture of content and pages.

Permission granted by the publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc.


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