Mojo Mogul

Mojo MogulWE ARE RESPONSIBLE  for everything that we have and lack in our lives . . . we want to stand out from the crowd, but shy away from being seen as different.” MOJO MOGUL: Discover Your Unique Power To Magnetize, Captivate and Influence by Dawnna St. Louis shows you how to unleash your MOJO and propel you to the top of your personal or professional game and that you too can become a dynamic superpower.

WHAT IS A “MOJO”? And why would somebody write a book about it? “MOJO, in its most raw form; [is] an untrained voice that expectedly hits a perfect note and takes us completely by surprise … it is not based on beliefs and positive thoughts ‘but rather’ on mental preparation, action and evolution.”  When you discover, embrace and live in your MOJO you become a formidable source of confidence and influence.

STRATEGICALLY and DELIBERATELY the MOJO formula was developed. “Three parts confidence, three parts influence, one part instincts,” Ms. St. Louis and her team created this as a guide to “delve into the science of confidence and the power of influence.” The result was seven keys to the MOJO MOGUL mindset: (1) Be Decisive, (2) Value Knowledge, (3) Find Solutions, (4) Set Bars, (5) Thrive in the Long Game, (6) Look Out for Number One, (7) Build Strengths. You are encouraged to identify what type of MOGUL you are, “then complete a questionnaire and receive a ‘prescription’ which determines [the] necessary improvements.”

YOUR MOJO IS CUSTOMIZED based on whether you need to develop the confidence or influence areas of your life. “Confidence is comprised of three elements – Desirable Opportunity (being motivated and interested in participating in an activity), Competence (applied skills, knowledge and experience), Personal Value (determines what actions you will be willing to take) and Influence is how you portray yourself to others.”

HOW DO YOU PREPARE TODAY to be a leader tomorrow? There is no magic elixir and many say, “time in never lost in preparation.” Ms. St. Louis shared her personal journey of how she “discovered” her MOJO. What she discovered is that everyone has MOJO it just needs to be identified, developed, nurtured then unleashed (when the time is right). “People with MOJO on tap are clear about what’s next, and move forward towards the goal as if the goal is inevitable and they are taking the necessary steps to reach it.”


  • Millionaire’s Formula, which is the average of the salaries of the five people that are closest to you . . . which means if you want to increase your salary, you need to change the circles in which you socialize. Your network is your net worth.”
  • Most people want ‘everyone’ to be the audience . . . the people that will follow you, are the people that are supposed to follow you; the ones that need your message.”
  • It’s not about getting over it; it’s about taking small actions everyday to get through it, to learn from it and become stronger because of it. Then you have to share it, or it wasn’t worth it.

MANY PEOPLE BUY books, but very few read them. For those that start reading very few finish the book. For those that finish the book, even fewer apply the knowledge.” What makes MOJO MOGUL an interesting read is that you too can become a MOJO MOGUL. Written in plain English, It is not rocket science, but sometimes the best solution for a problem doesn’t have to be. Ms. St. Louis speaks from a place that is her unique truth. The lessons she learned from living in that truth may not be everyone’s truth, but she had the courage to share the vulnerability of her spirit and the strength to ignore the naysayers and encourage others to become MOJO MOGULS in training and take a leap into MOJO-dom.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS  rates MOJO MOGUL as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs) . . .  just the right mixture of content and pages.

Disclaimer: Permission granted by the author, Dawnna St. Louis.


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