NEEDA BAD CHOICE MADE  and not confessed can lead to another that covers it up and then another. With each step off the path it is harder to come back, and it can lead to places no one intended.” Sometimes, the line of demarcation is blurred between wants and needs. NEEDS: No One Gets Something for Nothing. We Should All Know Better by Joelle Charbonneau explores what happens when there is no longer a distinction between the two.

NEED CENTERS AROUND the hypnotic allure and emotional connection to the Internet. What starts out as an innocent social networking online game among a group of local high school students eventually turns deadly. These teenagers driven by their selfish “NEEDS” soon realize they may be in over their heads.

FOR MANY YOUNG ADULTS, being a teenager comes with a myriad of challenges. Every “want” is something they “NEED” to have . . .  yesterday. The teenagers blinded by their own naiveté underestimate the severity of the consequences caused by their shortsighted NEEDs.

KAYLEE DURHAM, one of the main characters, feels left ostracized by her classmates and abandoned by her father. The more she tries to be understood, the more everyone misunderstands her, except her one true friend, Nate. These trust issues feed into her growing sense of paranoia and insecurity. Nothing is what it seems to be.

THE TEENAGERS in Nottawa, Wisconsin, are grappling with what appears to be random acts of vandalism. These seemingly unwarranted random actions puzzle the teens and the community. As the story unfolds, it gets harder and harder to tell who is telling the truth.


  • “Sometimes being smart is about getting the desired result without having to do something you hate in order to get it.”
  • “Everybody has a price . . . You just have to be willing to push until you figure out what it is.”

JOELLE CHARBONNEAU ADEPTLY TOGGLES between the characters, the plot and the subplots in each chapter. Behind every troubled teen, there is a child that just wants to be seen, heard and accepted. On the surface, the ending may seem obvious, but the real culprit will surprise you.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates NEED as CHALLENGING CHARISMATIC (301-500 pages) . . . borderline lengthy–it better have a good ending . . . and it does!

Credit: Courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

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