What I Know Now

WhatIKnowNowjpgTHERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. It’s time to be bold about who you really are,” according to Ann Curry, former NBC Today Show co-anchor. This quote and other words of wisdom are shared in WHAT I KNOW NOW: Letters to My Younger Self, edited by Ellyn Spragins.

THIS SIMPLE YET PROFOUNDLY INSPIRATIONAL BOOK where 41 women “share the wisdom they wish they’d had when they were younger,” is full of the wisdom of the ages. In today’s world, there is more pressure on a woman to have a successful career, be the attentive mother, hang out with friends and have time for herself. Some feel like a failure or guilty because they have not found that balance. The reality is that constant balance is a struggle. Olympia Dukakis said, “There’s no ladder to success. The rhythm of life runs in cycles . . . Things live, grow, die.”

FOR MANY WOMEN, that struggle is real. The struggle for equal respect, equal pay, and equal opportunity binds all women into a sisterhood for empowerment. The stories shared are not unique, but they are deeply personal examples of the signposts that make you pause and reflect before you make your next move. Male or female, if you could write to your younger self, what would you say?


  • You must embrace these changes . . . You mustn’t bury or deny the darkness. You gotta live through it; you can’t cheat.” – Olympia Dukakis
  • Every action creates a memory that is imprinted upon you and affects you in subtle ways — ways you are not always aware of.” -Phylicia Rashad
  • What I know now is that women can actually come pretty close to having it all, but you just can’t have it all every day.” – Marilyn Carlson Nelson

WHILE THE WOMEN FEATURED may be famous and their journeys may not mimic your own, each woman has a story to tell that may help one person who reads it. A story, her story worth reading, sharing and repeating. The essence and honesty of each heartfelt letter are reminiscent of the advice you might get from a sister, a grandmother, an aunt, mother or mentor. Hindsight is the bonus in life and experience is what fills in the gaps.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates WHAT I KNOW NOW as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pages) . . . just the right mixture of content and pages.

Permission granted from RandomHouse Publishing


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