One Deadly Sister

One Deadly SisterEVERYONE NEEDS SOMEONE they can phone at 4 a.m.,” and it started with one phone call from her brother, Raymond Reid. . . His one call was to his sister, Sandy.  Nervous, after he hung up “The phone in his hand was like a lifeline with no one holding the other end.” The uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach told her she had to help her brother.  ONE DEADLY SISTER, the first novel in the Sandy Reid Mystery Series about an amateur private investigator written by Rod Hoisington.

SANDY AND RAYMOND HAD NOT SPOKEN in years and she knew that if he called her he must be in serious trouble. Replaying their telephone conversation in her head as she packed, Sandy Reid was on her way to Park Beach, Florida. Sandy had a flourishing career as a field investigator in Philadelphia for a criminal defense law firm and asked for a leave of absence. She loved the law and worked as a field investigator because she “ran out of money for [her] law degree [and was] paying off student loans.”

ONCE IN FLORIDA, Sandy knew Raymond hadn’t told her the full story. He was arrested for the assassination of a Florida state senator running for governor. She knew her brother was innocent and set out to prove it. Sleepy, Park Beach, Florida, was not ready for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whirlwind named from Sandy Reid.

IT STARTED WITH THE PARTY at a beachfront condominium. When Raymond arrived, he knew he was out of his league, but he stayed anyway. Sitting in the jail cell, with his bail rejected, he knew it started with that one drink and a mysterious woman.

THE LOCAL, POWERFUL PEOPLE who wanted her silenced, the attempts on her life, and the constant roadblocks confirmed her brother was set up. To prove it would be challenging. The cast of characters included a realtor, an ex-wife, a police detective, an ex-stripper, a politician, a sleepy Florida town and murder.


  • “Innocence is beside the point. Suspicion is your problem.”
  • “Murderers always fail to notice something.”

ONE DEADLY SISTER had the potential to be a really suspenseful, mystery novel but this debut novel falls short. A predictable storyline that started slow but once there it is quite enjoyable. This light, murder-mystery is a summer read for a long car ride, a swinging canopy or just hanging out poolside.

Let’s BOND over BOOKS rates ONE DEADLY SISTER as MELODICALLY MEANINGFUL (151-300 pgs) . . . Just the right mixture of content and pages.

Permission granted by the author, Rod Hoisington to reprint the book cover image.

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